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  • Missing notification on a tablet or a computer is possible.
  • Infect missing light or a buzzer is possible but not a vibration on a wrist.
  • That’s a Relayapt way of communication system.

Journey of Relayapt

Dr Romik Vadhvana was working as a Dental office service coordinator before he got his Canadian Dental license. He realized that many verbal communications are happening in the Dental clinic that may look unprofessional, such as Hygienist comes to the room and interrupt DDS just to let the Dentist know that they are ready for a check. In that case, it becomes an external distraction for the patient as well as a Dentist. Also, Dentists depend on an assistant to remind them who is waiting for him/her and in which room, which becomes hectic and stressful from the Assistant side because they already have a lot on their plate.

This is just one example among many more in which we can make the communication nonverbal by just alerting the Dentist somehow. There are nonverbal communication systems available, such as light-based, buzzer-based, which create a sound and become an interruption itself, so he decided to make a voiceless still a very effective indirect way of the communication system. He chose to use a smartwatch and so that staff can alert anyone by just sending the vibe or text.


Dr. Romik Vadhvana is a Canadian Certified Dentist and founder of Relayapt Inc.; he is passionate about bringing technology to the industry, making the office staff more productive and reducing the overhead while running a business. He always wanted to sync technology to the Health care environment and make business operations more efficient.

He was passionate about technologies since the 8th grade when he decided to take the education in the technology sector; he has to study 6 more technical subjects and the regular subjects in the 8-10th grade. He studied those different technical subjects for three years, and he was the state topper in the technical subjects, including Electronics, Wiring, Welding, Machine drawings, Plumbing and Carpentry. So, playing with the devices was his hobby for 15 years....

He was working on the Tongue Drive system during his BDS degree. He was awarded the best paper and poster presentation on his project, which includes driving a wheelchair based on the tongue moment for the patient who has a permanent disability. After finishing his BDS, he worked as a consultant for Dental innovation India Pvt ltd company for six months. He helped the company develop call centre services for Dental patients and connect them to their neighbouring Dentists.

After coming to Canada, he started a campus food delivery service, and the idea came when he was standing in queue to get his coffee at Tim Hortons. He won the best business pitch competition event and got CAD 1000. He and his business partner also won the best Entrepreneur award of the year. While he was in India, he was a consultant for a startup name Dentogate, a call center service for the Dentist. Currently, Dr. Romik Vadhvana works as a part-time Dentist, and the remaining time, he is working on the Relayapt Inc.

Our Vision

  • To allow businesses to have intra office communication in just one to two clicks by using advanced technologies to boost efficiency at the workplace.

Our Mission

  • To provide a platform for the fastest, non-verbal, intraoffice communication system for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

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